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Characteristics and Applications
1. Extremely high thermal stability
Brominated Polystyrene can be abbreviated as BPS.This product is a desirable choice for various high-temperature applications. It is especially suitable for engineering plastic applications, such as polyesters (PET, PBT, and PCT) and polyamides (nylons). Owing to its heat stability, our product is commonly used where other flame retardants can not survive.

2. Polymer Structure
As a kind of polymer, BPS has no precipitation in all applications.

3. Superb Electrical Performance
Outstanding electrical properties allow this product to meet the requirement of sundry demanding engineering plastic applications.

Brominated Polystyrene is a kind of non-toxic and noninflammable organic compound. It can resist explosion and corrosion. Also, it features high stability during storage. Therefore, our product is packed into a complex paper bag lined with a plastic bag. Its net weight is 25kg in each bag. Alternatively, a package can be designed as per customer requirements.

Brief Description
Product Name BPS/Brominated Polystyrene
CAS No. 88497-56-7
Brand Name TY-109
Chemical Formula (C8H5.3Br2.7)n
CAS No. 88497-56-7
Synonyms Satex HP 7010
Capacity 1000mt/year

Quality Standard
Appearance Off-white granules or powder
Bromine Content ≥68 %
Softening Point 195 ℃
Volatile Matter ≤0.5 %
Specific Gravity 2.1
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