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TIANYI Import & Export is a subsidiary of TIANYI Chemical. Incorporated in 2004, we have since gained prominence as an internationally renowned Chinese supplier. Our catalogue offers a diverse range of products including flame retardants, oil drilling fluids, and a wide selection of bromides. Functional monomers are available for coating and painting purposes. Some of our most popular products include melamine cyanurate, diacetone acrylamide, brominated polystyrene, and adipic acid dihydrazide.

Our company is located within the Weifang city of Shandong province. This prime geographic location not only presents our company with promising bromide resources but has also garnered us the support of local organizations such as the Shandong Ocean Chemical Industry Scientific Research Institute. We operate in full conformance with internationally recognized standards, i.e., ISO9001:2000 and ISO9001:14001. All of our products have been approved by SGS inspections and are in compliance with the EU ROHS & WEEE directive.

TIANYI Chemical, our parent company, was inaugurated in 2002 as the core operating unit of the Shandong Ocean Chemical Industry Scientific Research Institute. In addition to independent import and export rights, TIANYI Chemical has also passed the ISO9001:2000 Quality Management certification, the OHMS Occupational Health & Safety certification, and the Environment Management System certification. Other affiliated subsidiaries of TIANYI Chemical include Weifang CHEMIDEA Chemicals, Shandong TIANXIN Chemical, and Shandong TIANWEI Membrane Technology.

TIANYI products are now available on Occidental and Southeast Asian markets. Our recommended products include a fine selection of brominated flame retardants, functional monomers, industrial cleaning agents, and organic synthesis intermediates. The quality consistency of our chemicals has garnered the trust and approval of customers everywhere. Especially noteworthy are our high cost-performance inorganic bromides, which have performed extremely well on international markets. We have provided industrial cleaning agents for customers in America and parts of Europe. The integrity of our products has gained widespread recognition, allowing for the exemption of various inspections.

Major gaps in the domestic market prompted us to develop key products such as brominated intermediates, modifiers, and catalysts. These chemicals have proved to be instrumental for vital Chinese industries including petrochemical, new material, and national defense. Our decisive investment in this venture has alleviated national dependencies on imported catalysts--the limiting reagents for organic synthesis. By providing a valid solution for the technical bottleneck involving functional material modification, we effectively gained the trust and approval of state departments and multinational corporations.

TIANYI can provide services and technology transfer for third-party companies. We have over a dozen external technology transfer achievements. Some of our more prolific transfer projects include technologies for brominated oilfield chemicals and brominated flame retardant industrialization. These projects have generated significant amounts of economic and social benefit.

Approximately 5% of all revenue is re-injected into research and development programs to ensure the sustainable growth and expansion of TIANYI. This firm commitment to technological progression guarantees ample funding for the next fiscal year, which in turn provides the momentum needed to advance our development and optimization projects.

We launch new products onto the market every year. The integration of advanced technology acts as a catalyst that expands our horizons while maximizing profitability.

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